India Was Coerced Into Serving in the Russian Army?!

( – India is looking for the return of their nationals who they say have been “duped” into serving in the Russian army.

Randhir Jaiswal, a spokesperson for the Indian Ministry of External Affairs, said “Several Indian nationals have been duped to work with the Russian army. We have strongly taken up the matter with the Russian government for early discharge of such internationals.”

He said that offers to work with the Russian army were not explained correctly and that Indian nationals who wanted to join should know that it came with “danger and risk to life.”

According to India’s Central Bureau of Investigation, they uncovered multiple human trafficking schemes where they were targeting young people and offering them high paying jobs, without full disclosure.

“These traffickers have been operating as an organized network and were luring Indian nationals through social media channels like Youtube etc and also through their local contacts for high paying jobs in Russia,” read the CBI statement.

The accusations state that they will recruit Indian nationals into Russian combat roles and stick them in the frontline of the Russia-Ukraine war against their will. It’s been reported that there has been injury during battle to the Indian nationals that were recruited.

There have been reports of these nationals being stranded as Russian army fighters and they are being called “army helpers” when recruited. An Indian national, Shri Mohammed Asfan died in battle fighting in the Russian war.

India is asking for their nationals to be released. India and Russia have had a close relationship when it comes to trade and partnership over emerging concepts, but the nationals have been recruited on false grounds, leading to this demand from India.

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