Immigrants Celebrating Biden’s Legal Status Extension

( – Joe Biden’s new legal status plan to make hundreds of thousands of immigrants eligible for legal status has been exciting for many, but some immigrants are still feeling left out. Biden’s new law would allow spouses and children of U.S. citizens to be eligible for citizenship in the United States. According to senior administration officials, this could help over five hundred thousand immigrants.

To qualify, you must be living in the United States and married for at least ten years, but this has left some immigrants out of eligibility. Claudia Zúniga was married in 2017 to her husband, ten years after her husband came to the U.S. Following this, her husband moved to Mexico as the couple knew he would have to be out of the U.S. to be legal.

Because her husband wasn’t in the U.S. he was ineligible for the legal status expansion. “Imagine, it would be a dream come true,” Zúniga said. “My husband could be with us. We could focus on the well-being of our children.”

The problem with many of these immigration-specific rules or laws is that there is usually an eligibility requirement or some sort of cut-off date; this doesn’t allow everyone to take advantage.

With this, some people were crying tears of joy to know that they were eligible for citizenship under Biden’s new law. Brenda Valle, who lives in Los Angeles, said, “We can start planning more long-term, for the future, instead of what we can do for the next two years.”

Allyson Batista, a US citizen who married her Brazilian husband twenty years ago, recalled what was said to her when they got married. A lawyer told her that he could leave the country for ten years or “remain in the shadows and wait for a change in the law.”

“I learned very early on that we were facing a pretty dire circumstance and that there would be no way for us to move forward in an immigration process successfully,” she said.

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