Illinois Man Sues Nancy Pelosi over Robocalls

Illinois Man Sues Nancy Pelosi over Robocalls

( – Jorge Rojas filed a 13-page lawsuit against Nancy Pelosi in October 2022 for violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991. The law requires telemarketers not to contact individuals who put themselves on the Do Not Call Registry. The law has been found to include text message restrictions, along with the phone calls it prohibits.

Rojas claims that Nancy Pelosi’s campaign sent 21 text messages between November 2021 and July 2022 despite his place on the national registry. Rojas experienced frustration and annoyance at his sense of privacy being eroded.

Mr. Rojas’ lawsuit sought $31,500 in damages from the Pelosi campaign, or $1,500 for each of the 21 texts violating his rights under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

Recent federal finance campaign disclosures have indicated why Jorge Rojas dismissed his suit against the Pelosi campaign on February 22 this year. According to the disclosures, a settlement payment was made to Rojas for $7,500, ultimately settling the case.

Rojas is far from the only person who wouldn’t mind having some relief from the constant barrage of texts, emails, phone calls, and general spam of endless campaigns.

Nancy Pelosi’s campaign donation requests were notable for their hyperbole. In particular, as indicated by the many people who started to receive emails within the hour of the overturn of Roe V. Wade seeking contributions. You can find numerous examples on Twitter of people raising an eyebrow at the low-hanging fruit the Pelosi campaign plucked from the tree.

You can also find a clear example of the hyperbole Rojas received from the Pelosi campaign attempting to drum up donations in the wake of Republicans looking to retire. The text began, “It’s Nancy Pelosi. This is the most important text I’ve ever sent you.”

Fundraising is a large part of Nancy Pelosi’s and other House Speakers’ leadership roles. The text messages and emails soliciting inboxes have grown along with the record amounts raised by their relentless campaigns.

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