IDF Takes Out 150+ Terrorists During Rescue Initiative

( – The Israeli military has announced that its recent operations in the Al-Shati Camp area of northern Gaza have resulted in the deaths of over 150 Hamas operatives. Described by Hamas as a refugee camp, Al-Shati is an area with many multi-story concrete buildings which the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) says is just one of many civilian areas in which Hamas terrorists have sequestered themselves.

As part of the ongoing ground assault, the IDF carried out a raid on the Bader outpost, reported to be the main base of the Al-Shati Hamas Battalion. Israeli troops say that they were able to destroy the area’s military headquarters and several sites that Hamas used to launch rockets from.

The IDF have also released statements detailing a number of other successful operations against Hamas resources and infrastructure. These include an operation in which the 401st Brigade claimed to have destroyed a weapons factory, multiple Hamas rockets and some of the infamous and extensive tunnels that Hamas are reported to have been using to plan their attacks, store weapons, and even hide hostages.

During the Al-Shati offensive, Israeli forces reported killing more than 150 Hamas militants even while evacuating civilians who were otherwise trapped in the chaos. The IDF described identifying several civilians sheltering in an Al-Shati building who Israeli forces then began to evacuate. As they attempted to safely move the non-combatants out of the area, they say that Hamas renewed their assault, firing at the otherwise occupied troops. The IDF say that they engaged in gunfire with those Hamas gunmen in order to protect the civilian evacuation route.

Fighting continues across Gaza, with a particular focus in the northern areas. The IDF maintain that Hamas runs its terrorist organization primarily from a base within the Shifa hospital and its surrounding area. While Hamas have previously denied using hospitals as bases, the Al-Jazeera news station is reported to have aired footage of Hamas operatives working in the Indonesian Hospital in Gaza.

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