How the DHS Is Training Americans to Spy on Their Neighbors

( – A recent Freedom of Information Act request has shown that Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is producing training documents to teach ordinary Americans to spy on other Americans who may be opposed to the policies of the Biden administration.

The training is cloaked under the guise of “de-radicalization” and at first sight appears to be a good idea considering the number of potential religious extremists, violent radicals, and others who may be plotting to harm or kill Americans. However, these are not the targets that the Biden administration has in mind.

In America under President Joe Biden, it’s not those people who are the problem. The problem is ordinary middle-class and working-class Americans who may have “right-wing extremist views” such as being pro-life, thinking that masks and lockdowns don’t work, or that the COVID vaccines cause more harm than good.

Many are comparing this to the extreme surveillance measures taken during WWII or the Cold War, and some are even calling it totalitarian. For example, when the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 and the Stasi secret police files were released, it became apparent that over 200,000 people had been serving as informants. More than one in three East Germans was under surveillance. Many Americans are growing increasingly worried that the same surveillance state could happen in America. 

It’s one thing to encourage citizens to be vigilant about suspicious packages that could be bombs or to be aware of someone dressed in religious garb muttering and mumbling prayers to himself at crowded venues. It’s another thing altogether for the DHS to attempt to define the political opponents of the Democrats as potential terrorists.

This is yet another indication that we no longer live in a free society. Instead, we live in an incipient socialist and totalitarian Deep State, complete with secret police, just like the Stasi, that effectively encourages citizens to spy on their neighbors.

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