How Secret Service Will Mitigate Threats During Presidential Election

( – The 2024 presidential election is coming up in a few months and campaigns are active, but the potential of threats during this time is still high.

Former president Donald Trump has been a candidate familiar with threats and protests, which isn’t expected to change this year. Trump has been facing added criticism as he deals with over thirty convictions of falsifying business records. In Washington D.C. in May, the Republican National Committee Headquarters was evacuated after vials of blood showed up labeled as Trump’s, which just goes to show how far people will go.

The Republican party convention starts in a little over a week, and they are expecting large protests. The Democratic National Convention next month could also have a lot of protests regarding the Israel-Hamas war.

The conventions are becoming a threat to United States public officials as well, according to the Department of Homeland Security. One report said, “Substantial evidence suggests the prevalence of threats to public officials is perceived to be growing and exerting pressure on public officials and systems of governance.”

Last year, a Voting Labs Report showed that election officials were resigning often due to the harassment and threats associated with the campaign and election.

In past years, the Secret Service has said that they would normally mitigate five to six threats per day that were sent to the presidents. With a president being pushed to drop out of the race and the other candidate currently facing felony charges, we could see many more threats.

The House Appropriations Committee increased the federal government’s security funding in March with an increase of twenty-five million dollars. The DHS said that some people may “view these events as an opportunity to influence or disrupt the U.S. political process using hostile or violent disruption tactics on a national media stage.”

They continued to say that Russia, China, and Iran are all trying to impact the 2024 election with “Malign Influence Operations” to ensure it works out in their favor.

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