How Americans Are Redefining Socializing in Drinking Culture

( – The “sober curious” movement is forcing some people to rethink their relationship with alcohol and make them more mindful of when they choose to drink, instead of drinking out of habit.

This movement has influenced the number of non-alcoholic bottle shops that are popping up across the United States. Two of those shops in the Minneapolis area are run by Erin Flavin and she, like others, indulged too much in drinking during the pandemic.

“Happy hour got earlier and earlier each day, especially with how stressful it was homeschooling a seven-year-old and having a three-year-old run-around,” Flavin said.

Flavin said that their business, Marigold, has THC and mushroom-infused drinks and one of her most popular drinks is an adaptogen drink, which contains herbs that support the body’s ability to deal with stress.

Said Flavin, “I’m 46, and I actually want to know how I feel. I’m learning how to deal with my problems in a healthy way.”

U.S. drinking culture is changing drastically with forty percent of people saying that they want to stop drinking so much. Over eighty percent of people still feel that drinking is a part of American culture, however, that is down nine percent from last year.

Millennial Kelsey Bank, a Wisconsin native, spoke out about the study saying, “The drinking culture there was so much like a party every weekend. You go out every night. You have fun with your friends.” One concern for Bank is that she didn’t drink during the week but that she would drink about ten drinks during the weekend, which was still considered alcohol abuse.

Said Bank, “It can be kind of hard to get out of your shell without alcohol as that social lubricant. So, it took me some time to kind of figure out how to be myself without alcohol.”

Bank’s thoughts are similar to the way many people are thinking now as they change their drinking habits and the socializing that surrounds it..

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