How Abercrombie & Fitch Was Able to Pull Off the Biggest Comeback

( – Abercrombie and Fitch is a clothing brand company that has transformed itself after suffering major cuts and fewer mall goers; this forced the company to focus on bringing in more customers. It spent years trying to revamp its products, overhaul its supply chain, and rebrand itself as inclusive after some pushback from customers.

Shares within the clothing company have exceeded Wall Street Journal’s expectations quarter after quarter. CEO Fran Horowitz has been able to transform the company into one of the most successful and biggest winners in retail. This came after consumers and social media ripped the company apart because of their values.

Over seven years, Horowitz was able to change up the company’s product assortment and moved the company away from loud branding and sex appeal. Additionally, she closed hundreds of stores and changed the internal appearance to appear more modern.

The biggest rebranding aspect that customers have noticed is the move to make the company a more inclusive and equitable retailer after dealing with backlash related to the company’s reputation, being called racist, toxic, and non-inclusive.

The full turnaround of the company shows that there is potential when it comes to transforming your entire business into something that is more widely accepted and overall more successful. Horowitz spent year after year transforming her company from the inside out to completely turn around their negative reputation and catapult themselves into a new market of customers.

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