Home Intruder Offers Cash To Avoid Police

(VitalNews.org) – A homeowner from Cudahy, Wisconsin, managed to stop an intruder in his tracks after catching him red-handed in his attic, authorities have confirmed. The homeowner, named only as John J. by local media sources, made use of his concealed carry permit when he went to investigate strange noises coming from his attic at home in Milwaukee County. There he found the suspect since identified as Robert Turner Jr., who was on parole at the time for a previous hit-and-run offense.

When John J. pulled his weapon on the man and ordered him onto his balcony to wait for the police, the suspect reportedly became desperate, offering the homeowner $300 in exchange for his freedom. John J. declined the offer. When police officer Thomas Kopydrowski arrived on the scene, he found the defendant with a broken leg, covered in dust and insulation. He recovered a bag of ecstasy from the suspect and also found a gun that did not belong to the homeowner. The Sig Sauer P250 9mm handgun was found near the charcoal grill of the balcony where the suspect was being held.

The Cudahy Police Department had already received calls about a mystery man jumping from roof to roof the day before, on Sunday, June 18th, just a block or so away from John J.’s house. When officers responded to the call, they were forced to take cover as shots were fired. They were unable to apprehend the suspect at the scene and had to call off the search after several fruitless hours. Following Turner’s arrest on Monday, June 19th, officers were able to establish that a bullet casing picked up at the scene of the previous gunfire came from the Sig Sauer found hidden by John J.’s grill, and believed to belong to Turner.

Turner has since been charged with multiple offenses, including reckless endangerment and armed robbery. If convicted of all his charges, he faces up to 37 years behind bars as well as a $100,000 fine. Turner was previously convicted of homicide by negligent handling of a weapon in 2007 and was sentenced to eight years imprisonment.

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