Holiday Favorite Recalled for Undeclared Allergen

( – An Illinois dairy has been forced to issue a nationwide recall for its popular festive drink, “Holiday Nog”, as a possible labelling error means that consumers are not warned about the presence of egg in the drink. Egg is a potentially dangerous allergen for some, with approximately 1% of children affected. While most children will outgrow the allergy, it can persist into adulthood for some, and a small number of adults have been known to suffer from a sudden onset of egg allergy.

Allergic reactions to egg include a wide range of symptoms, from asthmatic responses to digestive upset, to the much more serious, and possibly fatal, anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis must be treated with a shot of epinephrine and requires a visit to the emergency room, although any sufferer of egg allergy is advised to speak to their doctor regarding any symptoms and concerns.

As per the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) website, Prairie Farms Dairy Inc. of Edwardsville, Illinois, has issued a notice of recall for any “Holiday Nog” sold between December 4 and 6 at any United Dairy Farmer Stores. This is because that particular batch may have labels which fail to declare the egg allergen correctly. Anybody with egg sensitivity or allergy is advised to avoid consumption of the product, and anybody who has purchased it may take it to their nearest United Dairy Farmer Store for a full refund. United Dairy Farmer Stores have their headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, but have around 200 stores across Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.

There have been no adverse reactions as a result of the recalled batch of “Holiday Nog” so far and the FDA has advised anybody with further concerns or questions to speak to Prairie Farms Dairy Inc. by calling 618-659-5700. Customers can also speak to United Dairy Farmer Stores via their customer helpline on 1-800-833-1177, which is a toll-free telephone number. A spokesman for Prairie Farms Dairy Inc. said that only the bottles featuring lot number 21-65 and product number 7631005049 have been affected, but all other batches should be correctly labelled.

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