Historian David Garrow Reveals Shocking Details about Obama

(VitalNews.org) – According to a biographer of former President Barack Obama, parts of a letter written by Obama to an ex-girlfriend mentioned having intimate fantasies about men every day.

The surprising new details came from David Garrow, a historian, and author of the biography “Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama” which was published in 2017. Garrow was recently interviewed by journalist David Samuels about Obama’s life, political and personal. Samuels asked about how Garrow managed to obtain letters from some of the former president’s ex-girlfriends from college and law school, as well as what was “the most surprising” fact he learned from the letters.

Garrow said he was given copies of letters by Alex McNear, the former president’s ex-girlfriend from Occidental College because she most likely “wanted to have her role known.” The letter in question was among them, but McNear redacted a paragraph in it, telling Garrow it had to do with homosexuality.

The letters were eventually sold to Emory Univerisity by McNear, yet the controversial paragraph was not mentioned by the school in the press release announcement of its acquisition of the letters.

Garrow contacted a friend named Harvey Klehr who he asked to go to the archives at Emory and look at the letters. Since pictures are not permitted, Klehr brought paper and pencil and copied down the exact paragraph in which Obama writes to McNear that he makes love “to men daily, but in the imagination.” In the 1982 letter, Obama also describes his mind as “androgynous.”

The historian talked about reading Obama’s memoir, “Dreams from My Father,” and that he thinks the whole book is “a crock.” Garrow said the book is “not history” and “all make-believe,” which apparently infuriated the former president. Garrow also said Obama carries around his letters and journals in a sack, and that they would probably never be made public.

The recent news sparked a wave of speculation online, especially among Republicans and conservatives, some of whom have jokingly (and seriously) theorized for years that Michelle Obama is secretly a man.

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