Herzog Blames All Citizens of Gaza for Actions of Hamas

(VitalNews.org) – As conflict rages on in the bloody aftermath of Hamas’ October 7 attack on Isarel, Israel’s President Isaac Herzog has laid blame at the feet of the Gazan citizens who failed to stand against the Hamas regime. While he acknowledged that there are likely to be Palestinians who oppose the terrorist group’s violent action, he argued that all were already aware of the nature of Hamas.

Since its inception in 1987, Hamas has aimed to destroy the state of Israel, and has been willing to embrace violence in order to achieve its goal. After Hamas-supported candidates won the majority vote in Palestine’s 2006 elections, the militant group used force to complete the transfer of power and has maintained its control over Palestine ever since.

Israel has ordered over 1,000,000 Palestinians to evacuate from the northern areas of Gaza closest to the Israeli border, originally giving 24 hours’ notice to do so. This move has been described as “impossible” by a UN spokesperson, in part because neighboring Egypt refuses to allow any refugees over its border. John Kirkby, of the US National Security Council, has called it a “tall order”, but added that he could understand Israel’s aim of removing civilians from harm’s way, explaining that northern Gaza is effectively an urban combat zone.

President Herzog has responded emphatically to international criticisms of Israel’s retaliatory strikes against Gaza. He stated that all of Palestine was responsible for allowing themselves to be led by Hamas, or even by actively supporting the group. He stated that Israel was merely defending itself and its own children, and that it has every right to do so.

Hanan Ashwari, a peace negotiator for the Palestinian Authority for over 30 years, described the Israeli authorities as “flustered” and accused them of wanting revenge. She spoke of women and children being killed by Israeli strikes but said that Palestinians were not going to “exile [themselves]” and demanded that Israel “come to terms” with Palestinians. Hamas has told its citizens to ignore the evacuation order and to remain in their homes, even as Israel bombs them. Israel has advised Palestinians not to allow themselves to be used “as human shields” by Hamas, and to heed the evacuation order.

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