Hamas Commanders Allegedly Training Child Soldiers

(VitalNews.org) – Bodycam footage taken from the dead bodies of Hamas militants shows boys reported to be as young as 14 armed with assault rifles and wearing militaristic clothing. The footage also shows even younger boys being drilled and trained in using weapons in military-style camps. The shocking video and still images were first released on October 14 by Israel’s South First Responders via their Telegram messaging channel.

Among the footage is video of Hamas fighters planning for the massacre at the Kfa Aza Kibbutz. According to Israeli Defense Force Commanders, the Kibbutz slaughter included the beheading of babies. Some footage of the attack itself was also circulated on the Telegram channel and showed the bodycam-wearing terrorist targeting an elderly man in his kitchen. The Hamas gunman shoots the man twice and kills him, before continuing around the Kibbutz with his fellow shooters, who appear to shoot anyone they find. They fire at an ambulance multiple times and break into several empty homes. At one point, a Hamas militant shouts “Ima”, the Hebrew word for “mother”, into an abandoned home, apparently in an attempt to flush out any hiding civilians.

The initial raids by Hamas killed over 1400 people, and the Israel retaliation has so far killed 2670. Israel has declared war on Hamas and has laid waste to entire neighborhoods in Gaza with missile strikes in response to Hamas’ brutal assaults on multiple Israeli areas that began on October 7. The child soldiers shown in the recently discovered footage are reported to be receiving instruction in battle in preparation for a planned ground assault by Israeli forces.

The South First Responders, who circulated the bodycam footage, have promised to release further footage as it becomes available to them. They also reminded people that the video was taken from a single militant’s camera who was eventually shot dead by Israeli forces as he terrorized the Kibbutz, and that there are over 1500 other Hamas militants currently attacking Israel.

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