Half of Americans Approve a Ban or Sale of TikTok

(VitalNews.org) – According to the newest All-American Economy Survey, at least half of Americans in the United States are supportive of a TikTok ban or a sale of the platform.

A motion to ban the app if it is not sold to another non-Chinese company has been implemented by the United States. This is after there have been concerns over security breaches and possible threats associated with the social media platform owned by ByteDance.

The survey stated that there was a lot of difference in opinion when it came to age, politics, and those who use the app and those who don’t use the app. According to a survey of one thousand people, it’s said that twenty per cent of people think that TikTok should be banned no matter what. It also said that three out of ten people opposed the ban fully.

The Senate has yet to take up the bill but the United States is giving ByteDance six months to make a decision on whether or not they’ll be selling the business or if it’ll be banned in the United States.

There are more than five hundred thousand posts on the social media app that have hashtags #SaveTikTok and #KeepTikTok, which shows the support for the app and how many people don’t want the ban to take place.

As expected, younger people are not supportive of the ban and many of them have taken to social media to discuss how they feel about the potential ban.

Ophelia Nichols said, “You’re taking away our First Amendment rights…People don’t understand. This is a community. It’s a family…Whatever it is that you enjoy or that makes you smile, you will find someone else on the app who loves that too.”

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