Guilfoyle Believes Trump’s NY Fraud Case Will Help Him

( – Podcast host and fiance of Donald Trump Jr., Kimberly Guilfoyle, says the recent New York summary judgment against her future father-in-law is only going to help former President Donald Trump win over independent voters.

Guilfoyle appeared on Newsmax on Wednesday and told host Carl Higbie that people are getting sick of seeing Trump and his family persecuted while evidence against President Joe Biden and his family isn’t treated in the same way.

A partial summary judgment was handed down to Trump on Tuesday by Judge Arthur Engoron, maintaining that Trump and two of his sons defrauded insurers and banks for many years while building the Trump Organization. On top of this civil lawsuit brought on by New York Attorney General Letitia James, Trump faces four indictments on criminal charges, including election interference.

Guilfoyle says people are getting “sick of it,” and that it’s only benefiting Trump “because independents are looking at this” and seeing a double standard in how Trump, “his family, his sons,” and “his business” are treated as opposed to Biden’s, despite the “plethora of evidence” already released about the sitting president and his family.

According to Guilfoyle, the Democratic Party wants to “destroy” the Trump family “generationally,” but she believes “the truth is going to come out.” She called the recent New York judgment “very sad” and accused Engoron of being “far-left” and carrying out “the Democrats’ dirty work.” Guilfoyle also called the situation a “witch hunt” and “disgusting.”

Guilfoyle told Higbie that there is “no fraud” and that Trump “took out loans” and “paid them back with interest.” She said “no crime” was committed, there’s “no victim,” and “nobody got hurt.” She said the American people are waking up to what’s going on.

Considering how far ahead Trump is over every other candidate in the polls so far, Guilfoyle may be correct that “it’s actually only helping” Trump rather than hindering him.

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