Governor Declares State of Emergency Over Migrant Crisis

( – A so-called “sanctuary state” for migrants, legal and illegal, is now declaring a state of emergency, Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey announced on Tuesday at a town hall.

Gov. Healey delivered a speech sympathetic to the migrants fleeing their homelands for better conditions and reiterated that Massachusetts is committed to being a sanctuary for those seeking assistance, but then went on to say that the “increased level of demand is not slowing down.”

Because of a continuing lack “of affordable housing,” she continued, “as well as delays in barriers to federal work authorizations,” the state is “in this situation,” which Healey said “is unsustainable.” These are the reasons she cited for “declaring a state of emergency in Massachusetts.”

Before Massachusetts, New York City Mayor Eric Adams made the same declaration months ago regarding his “sanctuary city,” which is struggling to deal with an influx of roughly 100,000 new migrants over the last year.

Many conservatives were quick to point out that such cities and states invited the crisis onto themselves instead of calling for stricter border controls.

One commenter mentioned how Martha’s Vineyard removed migrants sent there by Florida Gov. DeSantis within two days; NYC declared a state of emergency after around 17,000 migrants came in, and now Massachusetts after 20,000. He pointed out how border states take in this amount weekly, adding that it is “easy to virtue signal about opening the border until the consequences get to you.”

Another asked, “But how can it be an emergency?” and pointed out that Massachusetts is “a sanctuary state” and is “getting exactly what [they] want.”

The border crisis, although fluctuating in severity, doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Even some Democrats are being forced to take a stronger stance, such as presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. who recently came out in favor of stronger borders, which he argues is not only better for the country but for the people trying to cross over who are being used by cartels as commodities.

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