Governor Accused of Intentionally Attacking Leaders of Color

Politician during election campaign, speaking to the crowd from stage

( – Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson recently said in a statement that Governor Greg Abbott has been “attacking” cities run by black leaders. He claims that sending migrants to these cities with black leaders is attacking them and giving them nothing to work with when it comes to taking in the extra population.

Migrants have been moved from spot to spot from the borders of the United States and into cities like New York City and Chicago instead.

Governors like Abbott have sent buses full of an overwhelming amount of migrants into these cities without giving officials any kind of help. Republicans argue that this is essential to helping cities understand just how serious the migrant crisis is and what border states are dealing with.

This isn’t the first Mayor to say something about the migrant situation, though. New York City Mayor Eric Adams filed a $700 million lawsuit against 17 different charter bus companies that transported migrants from Texas to New York City.

Mayor Johnson said, “He is attacking democratically-run cities, and particularly cities that are being led by Black leaders or leaders of color. This is unconscionable. I mean, it’s a very raggedy approach. And quite frankly, not only is it reckless and raggedy, but it is evil-spirited.”

Other officials did speak out against the statement saying that this isn’t the case and that states like this always want to be an open state until they start bringing people into it.

CJ Pearson spoke out, writing on X, “Every city wants to be a ‘sanctuary city’ until it’s actually time to provide sanctuary.”

John R. Lott, Crime Prevention Research Center President, said “If Abbott busing some illegal aliens to Chicago & NYC. Is ‘attacking’ those cities, what do you call the much larger massive flood of illegals that Biden is letting into Texas?”

The room seems split on the true intentions of these buses of migrants into cities, but ultimately, changes here may not be made any time soon, despite many different officials requesting the necessary help from Biden and the government for this influx of migrants.

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