GOP Rethinks Strategy as America Becomes Less Religious

( – Data from the 2020 Religion Census shows that the number of people who express a religious faith has been declining in the U.S. for several decades, and that as the popularity of religion declines, the number of people who vote Democrat increases, while the number of people who vote Republican grows smaller.

Religious advocates have suggested that the GOP should focus on issues that not only mobilize their religious base but also appeal to non-religious Americans, as it looks likely that America will become increasingly polarized along the lines of faith.

Tony Perkins, the president of a Christian research and educational group, the Family Research Council, said that many parents had expressed concern over the aggressive pushing of secular ideologies such as the radical gender ideology that has been promoted by left-wing activists at every level of society.

He said that the control of the narrative by these left-wing groups was now so pervasive that ordinary parents risked being classed as domestic terrorists if they spoke out against what they saw as a perverse and godless ideology. According to him, Democrats were encouraging such views because they appealed to voters who did not have any religious faith.

Other religious advocates, such as Logan Church, campaign director for the group Catholic Vote, said that the absence of a consistent moral code in communities has meant that voters have tended to support platforms that validate their individual moral choices, which is why Democrats have been able to get away with espousing ever more egregious moral positions.

Delano Squires, a research fellow at the Heritage Foundation, suggested that Republicans should focus on parental rights and the protection of children, as many Americans have now started to push back against what they see as an increasingly concerning moral agenda that corrupts the young.

One is reminded of the axiom espoused by GK Chesterton in the last century: “If you can convince a man to believe in nothing, then he’ll believe in anything.”

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