GOP Leaders Launch Initiative To Defund Diversity and Inclusion Office

( – The House Appropriations Legislative Branch Subcommittee began its work on the 2024 appropriations bill with a target on eliminating the House Office of Diversity and Inclusion, which has been largely cast as a woke office that does nothing except promote division and other leftist agenda items.

Per its own website, the office seeks to “foster diversity” so that the employees in the House better represent American demographics. In reality, this means eliminating white men from the pool of potential candidates in favor of minorities and women. The office itself has only been around for a few years, it was one of Nancy Pelosi’s early agenda items when she became Speaker. 

Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) stated that “DEI offices have no place in Congress” or anywhere in government in a written statement. He’s in favor of defunding the office but believes more needs to be done to eliminate all DEI programs in every federal agency. Calling the programs racist and divisive, Banks said these offices and programs exist solely to advance radical leftist ideology and propaganda. 

Concurring in a statement of his own, Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) said that Congress has better things to do than waste taxpayer dollars on racist, divisive programs like DEI. 

Banks is the chairman of the House Anti-Woke Caucus, and he’s been a consistent advocate for removing these programs, starting with the House Office of Diversity. He highlighted that wokeness recasts Americans into “oppressed” and “oppressor” along racial and gender categories while intimating that American success only comes at the cost of harming vulnerable minorities. He also highlighted that wokeness wants to void legal protections and rights by creating government-mandated equity, or equal outcomes. 

The most offensive part of this entire ordeal? The House Office of Diversity and Inclusion has spent $3 million so far in order to scapegoat conservatives, men, and white people for the country’s problems. States around the country are making similar moves to eliminate their pernicious ideology from their local governments.

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