GOP Candidates Blast Biden for Attacks on US Troops

( – Last Wednesday, the GOP presidential candidates gathered for a third debate, and many of them criticized President Joe Biden for failing to respond to recent attacks on US troops stationed in Iraq and Syria by Shiite militias.

Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, who also served as UN Ambassador under former President Donald Trump, said the fact that over “a hundred hits” on American troops have been allowed “to happen under Biden’s watch is unthinkable.” She added that “Iran is giving the green light” to the Islamic militias and “telling them what to do.” Haley then called on the president to “take out” the infrastructure used “to make those strikes” so “they can never do it again.”

Haley claimed during the debate that Iran only “responds to strength” and that the US needs to “punch them hard” to make them “back off.” She then continued criticizing Biden’s handling of the situation, claiming he appears weak.

Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina gave his two cents on the matter while addressing the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, saying he would tell Biden “with great clarity” that if he wants “to stop” the numerous “attacks on military personnel” in the region then he must “strike at Iran.”

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis also weighed on the situation, noting that he “served in Iraq back in the day” and stating that al-Qaeda and other Shia militias “funded by Iran” killed “hundreds and hundreds” of American troops. DeSantis then promised that as president, he would not put US troops “in harm’s way” unless they could be defended.

DeSantis accused Biden of leaving troops “out there” as “sitting ducks,” which is “inviting more attacks from the Iranians.” He said America should show strength and “defend the people who defend us.”

DeSantis is currently in second place in the GOP primary polls, with Haley behind him and Scott behind her. Yet Trump remains leagues ahead of all the other candidates, which is why he hasn’t bothered to participate in any of the three debates.

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