GOP Activist Denounced for Controversial Meeting

( – A Republican activist and super PAC leader in Texas is facing condemnation for having a meeting with Nick Fuentes, thought by many to be a far right-wing white nationalist.

The Texas Tribune reported this week that former GOP state lawmaker and current president of the Defend Texas Liberty PAC, Jonathan Stickland, hosted a meeting in Fort Worth over the weekend at the headquarters of a consultancy firm owned by Stickland called Pale Horse Strategies. Fuentes was seen entering the headquarters on Sunday and reportedly remained inside for over six hours.

Another controversial guest at the meeting was Kyle Rittenhouse, the young man who shot two men in self-defense in 2020 during the Black Lives Matter riots. Rittenhouse was acquitted of all charges in a highly televised and controversial court case in 2021. Stickland posted a photo of them together on social media.

Former President Donald Trump also received criticism for meeting with the controversial political commentator who was accompanying Kanye West, accused of holding antisemitic. West, who claims powerful Jewish businessmen dominate the entertainment industry, also appeared on Alex Jones with Fuentes and praised Hitler. Whether or not it was a joke, the stunt stirred up a massive negative response from the public.

In August, Fuentes also posted a video on social media in which he said he would “forget the Constitution” and swear his “allegiance to Donald Trump” instead, who he called the “rightful king” of the US.

Stickland received public condemnation from GOP Texas Speaker of the House Dade Phelan, who referenced the current surge in violence in Israel following an attack by radical Islamic group Hamas. In a statement on Twitter, Phelan said Stickland “fraternized” for hours “with a notorious, anti-Semitic, Nazi sympathizer.”

Phelan also called on Republican politicians who accepted money from the PAC to give their donations back because of Stickland’s association with Fuentes.

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