Google’s Large Language Models Coming to Android

( – Google has been adamant and vocal about developing more advanced artificial intelligence models.

Google just released their new AI which could compete with OpenAI. The AI, which they named Gemini, is a large language model that will be getting put into devices starting next year. Google is already offering its Gemini Nano, which is an on-device AI system that is on Pixel and Android systems.

Brian Rakowsko, who works for Google’s Pixel Unit as the Vice President of product management, said that he expects their language models will begin phasing into smartphones this year that would bring a brand new technology to many people.

“There are smaller versions of our Gemini model on the cloud. There have been quite a few breakthroughs to compress these models to get them to run on the device,” he said.

He continued, “some have already been proven and some are being explored for some applications. It’d be great to have all the models on the device. It still has wondrous applications.”

Smartphone makers think that developing these AI models and releasing them will help to push for a “supercycle.” Manufacturers and tech companies are pushing forward as they try to combat the fall in sales.

With the release of the new technology available on phones, smartphone manufacturers are hoping that this encourages people to get rid of the old smartphones they’ve had and upgrade. However, many think this boom in the market won’t happen yet.

Google has been pushing forward with their advancement of AI and the ultimate goals that they are looking to phase out AI technology to many.

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