Ghost Gun Brothers Sentenced to Federal Prison Term

( – Two brothers from Fishers, Indiana, have been handed lengthy prison terms after being found guilty of attempting to sell untraceable firearms to the Islamic State terrorist group. 25-year-old Moyad Dannon was sentenced to 16 years in federal prison, to be followed by a lifelong order of supervised release. Mahde Dannon, his brother, had already been sentenced to 20 years imprisonment in October 2021, after he pled guilty to the same crime.

The investigation into the two men stretches back to June 2018, when the two men plotted to sell weapons to a felon who was secretly working for the FBI. Over the following six months, the Dannons sold a number of illegally procured guns to the man, while also beginning to manufacture their own so-called “ghost guns” – guns which are unregistered and untraceable. In 2019, Moyad Dannon spoke multiple times to an undercover FBI agent who he thought to be an ISIS terrorist fighting in Syria. Moyad expressed his desire to travel to Syria in order to aid ISIS in their terrorist activities, using his extensive firearms knowledge and associated skills.

In May 2019, the brothers sold five of their homemade, untraceable .223 automatic rifles, to FBI agents, who immediately arrested them both. Following the arrest, agents found ISIS propaganda saved to a flash drive on Moyad’s keychain. The flash drive contained approximately 16 gigabytes of propaganda, including graphic footage of ISIS terrorists beheading civilians and killing US army personnel. Matching footage was also discovered on a laptop during the search.

The US Attorney for the Southern District of Indiana, Zachary A. Myers, described the brothers as “violent extremists” who had been radicalized via online terrorist propaganda. He offered his thanks both to the FBI and to the Fishers Police Department for their joint efforts in bringing the men to justice. Deputy Attorney General, Lisa O. Monaco, described the case as the fusion of “two grave threats” to the US: terrorism and “ghost guns”. She added that the Justice Department is committed to preventing gun violence by preventing the manufacture and sale of such untraceable weapons.

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