German Police Jail 87-Year-Old Woman for Anti-Migrant Posts

( – An 87-year-old woman has been imprisoned in Germany several months after receiving a custodial sentence for her social media posts. The unnamed woman stood trial in a court in Verden, Germany, in 2022 for the content of her social media posts.

The court found that she had shared material that incited violence against incoming migrants and asylum seekers, and ultimately handed the octogenarian an 8-month prison sentence. The woman brought an appeal to a court in Rothenburg, although she did not attend the hearing itself, and was recorded as being a “no-show”. Her conviction was upheld, and she absconded rather than hand herself over to be imprisoned.

The 87-year-old managed to lay low for several months but was eventually arrested at her own home on Monday October 2. She did not resist arrest but went peacefully with the arresting officers. German authorities have not revealed to the public exactly where she hid for so many months, or what techniques she used to evade capture.

Although authorities have not shared the material shared by the elderly woman that led to her conviction, they have informed the public that she is known to them as a repeat offender and is known as a “Reichsbürger”. Being a “Reichsbürger” means that she is a member of the “Reichsbürgerbewegung” movement, described as a far-right political movement that refuses to acknowledge Germany as a true and independent nation-state.

Followers of this movement find that Germany as we know it was illegitimately created by the Allied Forces after their victory in World War Two. They would instead prefer to see Heinrich XIII Prinz Reuss, a descendent of German royalty, installed as ruling monarch. Heinrich XIII has himself been in trouble with German authorities in recent years. On December 7, 2022, he was arrested at home for his alleged role in a plot to perform a coup d’état against the German state. His family have  distanced themselves from him and his views, calling him a “confused old man”.

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