Gen Z Niche Reading Event Heading Into New York

( – Literary groups and reading nights have been a huge hit among younger generations as platforms are able to foster a community and share personal narratives. One new series that’s associated with this has made its way to New York. CNN cited that book club listings have risen twenty-four percent from year to year, which shows the increased popularity of literary events. Themed events like queer book clubs even saw an over eighty percent increase in attendance last year.

The younger generation seems to be leading the way in cities like New York as they search for more ways to share their creativity, especially following COVID which caused major loneliness among people across the country.

Cassidy Grady has started her own Sunday night reading series in New York and has spoken out about why things like this are becoming more popular. Says Grady, “After Covid, people had a desire for community that surpassed what existed before.” She continued, “We were reminded that being in a room with other human beings is important, and in a way, that is where the scene formed.”

Confessions are one way that the community has been brought together, and in one spot in Sovereign House in East Village, they have seen over two hundred people come out for these confessions events. Participants are invited to leave confessions written on paper in a box at the booth in the lead-up to the event.

Confessions include everything from people admitting to murder to those admitting to adultery. “It is the most popular consistent reading series in the city at the moment,” Grady said in a text message.

Across the United States book clubs focused on niche communities and subjects are on the rise.

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