Fugitive Arrested after Eleven Years on the Run

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(VitalNews.org) – One of Italy’s top 100 most dangerous fugitives has finally been caught after 11 years of evading capture after police saw photographs of him celebrating his soccer team’s championship victory. Vincenzo La Porta, 60, is said to be closely linked to the Camorra organized crime syndicate in Naples, and was convicted for criminal association, fraud, and tax evasion in absentia, earning him a 14 year prison sentence in Italy.

La Porta fled to the Greek island of Corfu, where police were finally able to track him down and arrest him on Friday, August 4, as he drove his motorcycle through the streets. It was the first Serie A title the team had won in 33 years. Serie A is the top division of professional soccer in Italy, and the victory was greeted with joy not just in the team’s hometown in Italy, but also in one crowded Corfu restaurant where La Porta was photographed wearing his team’s colors and cheering with many other soccer fans.

Athanassios Giannakouris, acting as La Porta’s lawyer, has promised to fight the extradition to Italy. He told reporters that La Porta had not only found honest work as a cook on the island but had also started a family and now has a 9-year-old son.Giannakouris argues that La Porta’s extradition and 14-year prison sentence would remove his family’s income and has asked that his poor health be taken into account, with La Porta being said to have cardiac issues.

While La Porta is keen to avoid his lengthy prison sentence, the Naples police, the Caribinieri told reporters that they had been tracking their fugitive for years, keen to make their arrest and bring him back to Italy. They followed his online movements, including financial transactions, waiting for him to make an error that would allow them to locate and arrest him. They and La Porta are currently awaiting the judgement to be made on whether or not La Porta will be extradited to Italy.

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