Fox News Imposes Transgender Rules on Workplace

( – Fox News has long held itself out as a critic of radical gender ideology, but when one delves into its own internal procedures, it transpires that its company guidelines and policies tell a quite different story.

A report published earlier this month has found that the company’s handbook (which all employees are required to abide by) states that employees must accept the new identities of any transgender coworkers without any complaints, disagreements, or appeals to science that might be construed as “transphobic”.

The company handbook states that Fox News is dedicated to “strengthening and expanding” efforts to provide an “inclusive work environment”. The handbook further states that employees who are transitioning have the right to work in an environment free from retaliation, discrimination, and harassment, and without fear of any adverse consequences or transphobia.

The company’s Human Resources (HR) department enforces the social norms and the reality-distorting language demanded by transgender activist groups. The company actually regards this as a Good Thing, stating that for the past few years, Fox News has achieved a perfect score on the Corporate Equality Index as defined by the Human Rights Campaign. The Corporate Equality Index refers to itself as “the country’s foremost monitoring and benchmarking group when it comes to corporate policies and practices relating to the LGBTQIA+ workforce”.

A former Fox News employee, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that the company frequently boasts about its perfect score in its training materials, and although it holds itself out as an organization supporting traditional conservative values, in reality, it is dedicated to pushing a woke agenda behind the scenes.

The end result is that Fox News is following a two-track policy. Its internal policies follow the demands of the aggressive transgender mafia, but at the same time its core base of customers is mostly conservative and centrist, and Fox News naturally doesn’t want them to know about that. 

It might well be described as somewhat hypocritical. 

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