Four in Five People Want More Climate Action, According to UN Poll

( – According to a new poll that was done by the United Nations, four in five people are looking for more of a fight against climate change.

The UN Development Programme found that a majority of people in the sixty-two out of seventy-seven countries surveyed said they supported a quick transition away from current fossil fuel use. This survey included countries that are the biggest greenhouse gas emitters with eighty percent of those surveyed in China and more than fifty percent surveyed in the United States in support of more climate action.

Cassie Flynn, UNDP global climate director, said, “As world leaders decide on the next round of pledges under the Paris Agreement by 2025, these results are undeniable evidence that people everywhere support bold climate action.”

The survey had fifteen questions that were released by randomized phone calls to seventy-five thousand people in over seventy countries. The amount of countries polled would represent almost ninety percent of the world’s total population.

Over eighty percent of those polled are looking for stronger commitments to addressing the climate problem and putting in place action that would begin immediately.

Climate anxiety and worry about the effects of it are more prominent in poorer countries such as Fiji or Afghanistan. Overall the survey found that over fifty percent of respondents think about climate issues and climate change at least once a week.

Almost seventy percent of people also said that global warming has impacted major decisions they made such as where they lived or worked and even what to buy. This shows that climate change is affecting people personally and occupying the minds of the majority of the population.

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