Former Mayor Lightfoot Lectures on Crime

Former Mayor Lightfoot Lectures on Crime

( – Being ousted from her job as mayor by voters in crime-ridden Chicago has not stopped Lori Lightfoot from declaiming on what needs to be done to tackle crime.

Claiming that she was “speaking the truth,” Lightfoot addressed the African American Mayors Association on April 21 to urge Democrat mayors to tackle crime in their cities. She stated she spoke as both a former prosecutor and a former defense attorney, “there are people in my city… wreaking havoc every day,” and they need to be off the streets.

Lightfoot is about to leave office after being defeated at the ballot box earlier this year. She did not win more than 50 percent of the vote in the general election for mayor, which put her out of the running.

While political observers believe Lightfoot was unpopular because she did not bring Chicago’s skyrocketing crime rate down, voters brought in an even harder-left progressive Democrat, Brandon Johnson. Johnson has recently refused to condemn videos depicting violent and lawless teens in the city, instead praising them and saying they’re just looking for “opportunities.”

Lightfoot addressed the problem of residents being unwilling to turn in someone seen as part of their neighborhood or community. When people do come forward about, for example, someone who just shot a gun in the area, they see that same suspect back out on the street days later. “What does that say to them?” Lightfoot asked.

She also took aim at judges and prosecutors who let violent suspects out on bail wearing electronic ankle monitors. This just allows criminals to “wreak havoc again,” Lightfoot said.

Lightfoot said all this sends a message that the criminal justice system doesn’t care about victims or witnesses.

Lightfoot’s replacement, the incoming Brandon Johnson, recently warned against “demonizing” young people after a group of unruly teens was shown on video causing chaos in the city. Two young men were shot during the commotion.

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