For Most Destinations Flying is Cheaper in 2024

( – Americans who have been traveling abroad this year have seen airline prices drop, for the most part. However, airfare remains more expensive this year in some regions and destinations.

On average, a round-trip flight to Tokyo would be about one-thousand three hundred dollars, which is up two percent from last year. According to Hopper, they also found that prices for flying to Canada, the Middle East, Africa, and South America have risen as well.

There is a huge variation across different cities and destinations, such as some cities in Asia, which are priced much less than others. Trips to Europe are down almost eight percent in comparison to last year, showing that this is a significant price drop. With this said, some places in Southern Germany like Friedrichshafen and Memmingen have seen a one hundred percent increase.
Hayley Berg, lead economist at Hopper, said, “Last year was kind of an extraordinarily expensive year.”
International travel took a bit of a hit during the pandemic and then continued to soar once the world opened back up post-pandemic. However, the airlines saw a huge increase in the price of jet fuel, which meant an increase in airfare tickets.

On Average, airfare prices went down almost six percent over the last year, and they have declined almost one percent in just the last month.

Said Berg, “Mostly what we’re seeing now is tremendous improvement across most routes.” She continued, “I do expect that to continue.”

Americans, however, might not feel like the prices are slowing as they can often see increased fees for things like checked bags and other items, which can make it seem like you’re paying more than you think.

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