Florist Refuses to Serve GOP

TN Florist Refuses to Serve GOP

( – A florist in suburban Nashville has refused to serve Republican customers who want decorations for an event at which former President Donald Trump will be a guest.

The FLWR Shop in Belle Meade, Tennessee, said they “declined service” to the Republican National Committee because they don’t like that the GOP won’t support liberals’ gun ban agenda.

Shop owners Alex Vaughan and Quinn Kiesow encouraged other Nashville businesses to refuse to serve “the Republican Party” until the party buckles under and agrees to “make the changes gun laws that most Americans are calling for.”

Using the aggrieved tone commonly taken by liberals when delivering a scolding, they said, “At this moment we cannot ignore the work the RNC has done to create this tragedy.” This was a reference to the recent shooting murder of three kids and three adults at Nashville’s Covenant School.

The killer, Audrey Hale, was a 28-year-old woman who formerly attended the school. Hale, who was killed by responding police while she was still shooting, described herself as transgender. She apparently left behind a detailed manifesto, which the FBI has refused to release.

The FLWR Shop owners took to the RNC’s social media pages to ensure their complaint was widely seen. They posted on RNC accounts claiming the Republican party makes gun violence worse. They claim Republicans have wasted tax dollars on “banning drag shows” instead of banning what they call “assault rifles.”

The term “assault rifle” has no commonly agreed-upon definition. It tends to be used by gun-rights opponents to refer to any firearm they believe is “implicated” in murders or shootings that get wide media coverage.

Days after the Covenant School shooting, three Democratic lawmakers disrupted the Tennessee state house. Two of them shouted through bullhorns to demand more gun control legislation. The two using bullhorns were expelled from the legislature before being sent back through a legal process days later.

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