Florida Sheriff Says He’s “Worst Enemy” for Squatters

(VitalNews.org) – A Florida sheriff has just recently spoken out against squatters in the state and is sending a threatening message.

The Florida sheriff, Sheriff Grady Judd, warned squatters, saying, “When you come to this community, and you violate the state laws, the people’s laws will lock you up.”

This comes right after Governor Ron DeSantis signed legislation that would take away the rights of squatters and increase the penalties for those who broke the law. Judd was supportive of DeSantis’ decision to pass this law and he said that this decision could pave the way for other counties to do the same to combat the problem.

He continued to say that he didn’t know why other states weren’t already charging squatters with things like trespassing or burglary. He spoke of a situation where he sent squatters to jail because they were found when someone went to a home showing.

Judd said, “That’s why I don’t understand what the laws possibly could be that would allow people to unilaterally, illegally trespass, break into your home just because you weren’t there and take it over. It doesn’t make any sense to me at all.”

There was a lot of talk about how other states and counties are letting squatters take over and are being prioritized over the rights of “good people.” The Sheriff said that he doesn’t understand why they’re being allowed to do these things without much penalty.

In his speech, he said, “You disobey the law and I will be your worst enemy.” Judd emphasized how the laws in place are geared towards making criminals comfortable rather than keeping people safe.

Sheriff Judd has been in the media before due to remarks that people should shoot burglars until they look like “grated cheese.”

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