Florida Republican Wants to ‘Cancel’ Dems

Florida Republican Wants to 'Cancel' Dems

(VitalNews.org) – A Florida state senator wants to turn the left’s “cancel culture” against it with a provocatively named measure that would compel state election officials to revoke the Democratic Party’s standing.

Blaise Ingoglia’s “Ultimate Cancel Act” would direct the Florida Division of Elections to actually “cancel” the Democratic Party’s registration, political filings, and its status as a political party.

In an odd mirroring of the left’s talk of modern-day “reparations” for individuals descended from enslaved people, Ingoglia’s measure seeks to punish today’s Democratic Party for the sins of its forefathers. He said he wants to take the party down because of “pro-slavery positions in the past.”

But, Ingoglia said, the Democratic Party is “doing a pretty good job of canceling themselves.”

Ingoglia appears to be trying to turn the tables on a Democratic colleague, state Senator Geraldine Thompson, who filed an amendment to Ingoglia’s “Ultimate Cancel Bill.” Thompson’s amendment would ban “any political party that has worked to suppress voting, thereby maintaining the last vestiges of slavery.”

Ingoglia made Hay with this, saying that Senator Thompson would surely approve of his bill since, in his view, the Democratic Party is the one with a history of supporting racist poll taxes and literacy tests for black voters.

Thompson was, predictably, not amused. She said voters don’t elect politicians to play “sophomoric games.”

The Democratic Party was the dominant political force in Florida until the 1990s. Before 1865, the party approved of slavery and backed the South’s secession from the Union in 1861.

The response from the Florida Democratic Party is not surprising. Party chair Nikki Fried called Ingoglia’s bill an example of what “a dictator does.” Fried failed to secure her party’s nomination for governor in 2022.

Once again turning the left’s terminology back on the Democrats, Ingoglia defended his measure as simply holding the Democratic Party “accountable” for supporting cultural destruction, rioting, and tearing down historical statues.

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