Florida Now Largest State in Country to Require Full E-Verify for Employment

(VitalNews.org) – Ron DeSantis, the Republican Governor for Florida, has addressed the nation’s border crisis by highlighting his administration’s latest efforts via Senate Bill 1718. This makes Florida the largest state in the country to go through the whole E-Verify process for employment.

Governor DeSantis announced the signing of Senate Bill 1718 while speaking at a press conference at the Miller Electric Company in Jacksonville, Florida. He presented it as Florida’s latest action to stand up against the Biden administration’s radical immigration policies at the federal level.

“This is the strongest legislation against illegal immigration anywhere in the country,” DeSantis said. “The bill makes Florida the largest state in the country to go through the full E-Verify process for employment.”

He continued: “And the reason that’s important is because people are going to come illegally if they can get benefits. Therefore, what you want to do is say there are no benefits for coming illegally.”

“It may already be against the law for someone to be employed if they’re here illegally, but the E-Verify process provides a path to make sure that that’s enforceable. That is something that’s going to make a big difference,” DeSantis explained.

Governor DeSantis said the bill “will enhance human smuggling penalties” and “will prohibit governments and NGOs from using your hard-earned tax dollars to provide ID for illegal aliens.” Florida will no longer recognize out-of-state licenses that have been issued to illegal aliens from other states.

“Many people across the country who want open borders, they want immigrants to have driver’s licenses, such as in California and a number of other states. So, what happens is you have some of these local governments that are actually working with private groups to generate ID cards as if that makes you legal to be here. We’re not going to recognize that. Also, we’re not going to recognize a driver’s license from California if it was issued to somebody here illegally.”

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