Five Ways We Can Conserve and Save the Ocean

( – The oceans are a critical part of life, but they are at their most vulnerable right now; here are some ways that we can help to save wildlife and conserve the ocean.

The first is by reintroducing native species to areas where they once populated. An example is with sea otters, which were essentially extinct by the end of the nineteenth century, but repopulated after being reintroduced to areas where they once lived.

The second is to tackle pollutants; humanity needs to contain the pollutants that are pouring into the ocean. From sewage-tainted waters to plastics being thrown into the ocean, marine wildlife is surrounded by pollutants that can cause long-term harm. .

Third is limiting the fishing of larger or endangered species since large-scale fishing has destroyed fish populations. A prime example of this is whale fishing, which, although banned by the middle of the twentieth century, caused enough of an issue that the whale population has yet to bounce back.

Number four is keeping areas of the ocean off limits to people, which has been known to help conserve the wildlife in those areas. With no fishing, no people, and no extraction of wildlife, they have every opportunity to thrive in the ocean without disturbance.

Lastly, the banning of deep-sea mining could help to conserve ocean wildlife. Deep-sea mining is the process of entering the deep ocean to find rare minerals. If mining continues, the vulnerable species that live at the bottom of the ocean, like sea cucumbers or certain octopus species, are at risk.

The need to save ocean wildlife is at an all-time high. Although these changes may take time to implement, they are essential to helping our planet thrive.

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