Federal Workers Stepping Up For Gaza War Change

(VitalNews.org) – United States federal workers are taking a stand against the war in Gaza by not showing up for work.

One federal government employee took it upon herself to push for a “day of mourning” on Tuesday when she and some of her colleagues did not come to work. Federal employees have been looking to make a change in the Gaza war.

After recently passing 100 days of war, many are feeling the effects and looking to make more of a difference with their voice and their presence. The federal employees that participated in the “day of mourning” on Tuesday call themselves Feds United for Peace. They are taking a leave from their jobs to make a statement about the death toll and also the United State’s role in the war going on in Israel.

This comes after the Biden Administration had been scrutinized for supporting the war in Israel and funding it with military might and money. Many are upset about this considering the current situation with Israel being investigated for the humanitarian crisis.

With more than 24,000 Palestinians killed and almost 2 million displaced, many are looking for a ceasefire or to stand up for Gaza in their time of need. We’ve seen protests and other federal employees making changes to try and bring awareness to the war.

The organizer of the federal “day of mourning” for Gaza stated, “When your kids ask you, ‘What did you do?’, we don’t want to say that we just watched from the sidelines. And we hope that everyone who has a conscience looks at this situation and takes it upon themselves to not watch from the sidelines,” when talking about her decision to organize this.

Another organizer reflected on the organization and how people might view them. “We are really not activists. There may be, among our group, people who are political appointees, but we’re not political in any way,” they said.

This isn’t the first time that members of the Biden Administration have spoken out about being frustrated with the president’s stance. Many of these activists are looking for a ceasefire in Gaza. They’ve done so by giving speeches, writing letters, and making public statements.

Just recently as a way to de-escalate the war, Biden asked for Israel to focus on more targeted attacks to preserve civilian life, but this isn’t enough for the people who are watching from the outside. Many have found that Biden’s stance and the United States’ role in this war are controversial and potentially supportive of the violence happening in Gaza.

We can expect to see things like this happening all over the country as people want more clarity from the Biden Administration and where they stand in the war.

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