Federal Report Shows Microsoft’s Lack of Concern Over Cyber Attack?!

(VitalNews.org) – A review board that the Biden administration appointed released a report that said Microsoft had a “cascade of errors,” allowing Chinese hackers to get into their systems.

The issue at large here is the event where a Chinese hacker was able to break into the email account of Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo as well as other U.S. officials. The Cyber Safety Board is the team that reviewed Microsoft and found bad security practices, a lazy corporate culture, and little honesty regarding the breach.

The report released by the board stated, “Microsoft’s security culture was inadequate and requires an overhaul” considering the responsibility the company has over so much crucial data. It also said that its products “underpin essential services that support national security, the foundations of our economy, and public health and safety.”

The panel stated that the intrusion should have never happened and was preventable on Microsoft’s side. They also said that the worst part about this situation is that Microsoft still claims they don’t know how the hackers got in.

The board said that Microsoft should come up with “a plan with specific timelines to make fundamental, security-focused reforms across the company and its full suite of products.” They also said that they should avoid adding anything else to their cloud computing environment until the security is increased.

Microsoft did reply with a statement that said they “appreciated the board’s investigation and would continue to harden all our systems against the attack and implement even more robust sensors and logs to help us detect and repel the cyber-armies of our adversaries.”

The breach affected over five hundred people and over twenty organizations since the Microsoft Exchange Online email was breached by Chinese hackers. The hackers were able to access these emails for at least six weeks and they downloaded more than sixty thousand emails from just the State Department.

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