FBI Arrests Yet Another J6 Rioter

(VitalNews.org) – The FBI arrested another Jan. 6 protester on Wednesday on federal charges, and he has a similar bone to pick with Tucker Carlson as Ray Epps does.

The suspect arrested is Rally Runner of St. Louis, Missouri, who formerly went by the name Daniel Donnelly Jr. Now Runner faces five charges from the federal government, including obstructing, impeding, and inference with police officers in the middle of civil disorder.

In 2021, a lawyer representing other Jan. 6 defendants who appeared as a guest on Fox New’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” told Carlson that Runner was obviously “a law enforcement officer.” The lawyer, Joseph McBride, also described Runner as an “agent provocateur” disguised as a Trump supporter to make the rest of the crowd look bad.

Runner, who is an actual Trump supporter, wasn’t happy with the comments at the time because he was a fan of Carlson. He said in an interview that he “believed Tucker was a responsible reporter” for years, someone “focused on stopping ‘Fake News’” only to find his name being smeared on national television on Carlson’s show. McBride later responded to Runner’s reaction and true identity by claiming he was only “theorizing” and that he doesn’t “give a s*** about being wrong.”

Carlson faces the same ire from another Jan. 6 protester, Ray Epps, the only man caught on camera encouraging other protesters to enter the Capitol. Epps accuses Carlson of pushing conspiracy theories that he was a federal agent and is now suing the former Fox News host for defamation.

In a recent interview at the beginning of this year, Runner said he had never heard from the FBI regarding being present outside the Capitol building or since his 2021 interview. He emphasized that he “just went to stand up for Trump” and “did not go inside” the Capitol.

Aside from Runner confirming his participation in the events at the Capitol. even though he never went inside, the latest affidavit cites as evidence several videos that Runner himself shared to social media and with a reporter confirming his presence at the clashes with police.

Why the FBI decided to pursue Runner now and not previously remains unclear.

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