Family of Car Crash Victims Confronts DHS Secretary Mayorkas

Family of Car Crash Victims Confronts DHS' Mayorkas

( – Already facing congressional calls for his removal, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas faced demands for an apology on April 19 from the family of two children killed in a border incident.

While Mayorkas was testifying before the House Homeland Security Committee, Texas Republican Rep. August Pfluger asked the secretary to apologize to the family, who was in the committee room.

“They’re sitting right behind you,” Pfluger said. He continued that the family came because they want answers about Mayorkas’ leadership failures. “Mr. Mayorkas, are you going to tell the Tambunga family that the border is secure today?” Pfluger also asked.

On March 13, 2023, 71-year-old Maria Tambunga and Emilia Tambunga were killed in a car crash when a human smuggler ran a red light. The driver and smuggler, 22-year-old Rassain Comer, fled police in a high-speed chase when the collision occurred. Comer was smuggling 11 illegal immigrants inside his truck, and two of them also perished in the wreck.

Mayorkas did apologize to the family, saying that his heart broke for their loss. But he also accused Rep. Pfluger of politicizing the tragic deaths. The back and forth between Mayorkas and the Republican from Texas continued. Pfluger asked the secretary if he agreed with the conclusions of the Border Patrol, which says the U.S.-Mexico border is “not secure.”

Mayorkas replied that he had already testified to that question. Pfluger pressed again, and Mayorkas admitted that he does disagree with the Border Patrol. That is to say, Mayorkas believes the border is secure.

Despite claims by DHS officials and the White House, Republicans and many Americans point out that illegal immigration has soared under the Biden administration. Mayorkas is highly unpopular for what many perceive as his inability or unwillingness to keep illegal aliens out of the United States.

On April 18, Republican Senator Roger Marshall of Kansas said he wants a vote of no confidence in Mayorkas.

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