FAA Says To Inspect Door Plugs on Another Boeing Model

(VitalNews.org) – After a recent door plug loss incident in an Alaska Airlines plane, there has been a lot of discussion regarding inspections and ensuring the safety and longevity of the Boeing 737 Max 9s.

On Sunday, another request was put out by the FAA saying that they recommend operators of another Boeing model, the Boeing 737-900ER, perform inspections to ease similar safety concerns.

The FAA recommended that they “visually inspect mid-exit door plugs to ensure the door is properly secured.” The Boeing 737-900ER was believed to be at the same risk as the 737 Max 9s, one of which experienced a door plug issue, resulting in the door blowing off. According to the alert, some operators did find issues with the plane door plugs. They “noted findings with bolts during the maintenance inspections.”

Although they asked for inspections to be done, they did say that the door plug has yet to be an issue despite them asking for the inspections to be done. United, Alaska, and Delta Airlines have been inspecting their 737-900ER Boeing planes in response to the inspection request and they expect to be done with inspections in the next few days.

Alaska Airlines put out a statement saying, “We have had no findings to date and expect to complete the remainder of our -900ER fleet without disruption to our operations.”

Delta Airlines stated, “We elected to take proactive measures to inspect our 737-900ER fleet. We’re in full compliance with regulation from federal authorities regarding the safety of our aircraft, and at this time we do not anticipate any operational impact.”

These inspections came after a door plug flew out of an Alaska Airlines plane and landed 16,000 feet down onto the ground. This caused a huge stir and prompted many operators to perform inspections on their planes to ensure that something like this wouldn’t happen again.

We can expect these inspections to be done over the next few days and for the planes to be ready for flight shortly after their inspections have cleared.

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