Extremely Cold Temperatures Sweep Across the Nation?!

Niagara Falls, United States - December 30, 2017: the American Falls, NY, which is the U.S. side of Niagara Falls (a waterfall that straddles the US-Canadian border). The American Falls are part of the Niagara Falls State Park, which is the oldest state park in the U.S. (1885). Frederick Law Olmsted was key to its development and design. This image is taken in the depth of winter (December), when the ambient temperature was -15C.

(VitalNews.org) – The United States can expect a continuation of this cold weather as an arctic blast blows through the states.

We have seen very cold temperatures throughout the week, and we can expect to see these conditions persist with record-low temperatures in certain parts of the country. The winter storms that we’ve seen surface across the country have even postponed the Iowa State Caucus and an NFL game.

As of Monday, we’ve seen 142 million people under wind chill alerts and 100 million people under winter weather alerts. The National Weather Service states that there could be wind chills that bring the temperature 30 degrees below zero in some places like Kansas and Iowa.

At least four people are dead, electricity is down for tens of thousands, and some areas are experiencing blizzard conditions causing games and events to be canceled. Governor Kathy Hochul of New York states even shared a video showing high winds and low visibility.

The Buffalo Bills even said that they would offer $20 an hour for people to come out and shovel the snow at Highmark Stadium. Food would also be provided as well as breaks in a warm area. The snow blanketed the entire stadium as the snow fell at 2 inches per hour.

The Kansas City Chiefs and the Miami Dolphins also played in NFL history’s fourth-coldest game. Sub-zero wind chills are sure to be felt by the people as this storm surges.

“It takes a matter of minutes for frostbite to set in,” the South Dakota Department of Public Safety said in a statement where they encouraged people to stay inside in the dropping temperatures.

Texas even put out a statement encouraging their residents to conserve energy as much as they could as the winter storm will require a lot of energy. In 2021 Texas suffered from a huge power outage that affected many in the state, so they were on extra alert with this storm coming through.

We’ve seen this weather cause major tragedies across the country, including in Portland where over 100 trees fell over, substantial damage was caused, and multiple people died. Two people died of hypothermia and another died in a fire caused by a falling tree.

Airports also took a huge hit as flights were both canceled and delayed in places like Chicago and Denver.

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