Experts Want to Test NeuraLink on Humans After Blowing Up Monkey Brain

( – Researchers are still intent on testing Neuralink, the brain implant developed by Elon Musk that would connect one’s mind to the internet, even after the test ruptured the brain of one of the monkeys used in tests.

An investigation into the Neuralink tests found that Musk’s brain implant caused one of the monkey test subject’s brains to “rupture,” killing the creature. According to a report published by Wired on October 4, a trial of an implant conducted by Neuralink at UC Davis is now under scrutiny for allegedly killing a macaque monkey by rupturing its brain.

The monkey suffered for 24 hours with “severe neurological defects,” seizures, vomiting, uncontrollable shaking, and loss of limb control. Leakage from inside the implant inflamed part of the monkey’s brain where cerebrospinal fluid is secreted and caused the back part of the brain to eventually protrude from the monkey’s skull. A necropsy report showed the monkey’s brain left parts of its cerebral cortex “tattered.”

Wired previously reported on the condition of Neuralink’s test subjects in September, producing veterinary reports showing the monkeys reacted terribly to the implants and suffered various negative effects. The recent incident violates the US Animal Welfare Act, although the research center at UC Davis reported the violation to try and avoid legal consequences. One former employee of Neuralink claims that the implant technically didn’t cause the monkey’s death but that she was killed by to researchers to end her suffering.

Neuralink has also raised concerns by not sharing the photographs from the trial, and ethics groups are pushing back against UC Davis for not being transparent as a public institution. The university has refused to share the pictures for fear of backlash against the scientists involved.

Musk still plans on conducting human trials of the brain chips and recently secured approval from the FDA.

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