Experts Claim McDonald’s Could Get Backlash Over Trump Visit

"Experts" Claim McDonald's Could Get Backlash Over Trump Visit

( – Last Wednesday, former President Donald Trump traveled to East Palestine, Ohio, the site of last month’s train derailment, where he met with first responders and local officials.

The 2024 presidential candidate was joined by Ohio Republican Senator J.D. Vance and Congressman Bill Johnson. Donald Trump Junior also tagged along.

While there, Trump delivered cases of his brand name Trump Water. He also went to a nearby McDonald’s, where he purchased food for the first responders working at the train derailment site.

During his remarks at an East Palestine firehouse, Trump blasted the Biden administration for failing to respond to the crisis, saying the community doesn’t need excuses but “answers and results.”

Trump also hit President Biden for traveling to Kyiv while ignoring the domestic crisis in East Palestine.

But Trump’s kind gesture of supplying a meal to first responders prompted the usual criticism from the anti-Trump media.

According to Newsweek, some public relations experts believe McDonald’s Corporation may face problems with its brand linked to the former President.

PR “brand expert” Andy Barr told Newsweek that McDonald’s was likely “wincing” at Trump buying McDonald’s food to feed the first responders in East Palestine. He explained that the fast-food giant “absolutely” wouldn’t want to be “associated” with the Donald Trump “brand.” Barr suggested that McDonald’s will likely try to “quell the media coverage.”

Barr also speculated that McDonald’s could also face “consumer backlash” for Trump buying their food and might have to consider how their competitors may use Trump’s altruistic actions to their advantage.

Barr argued that no brand in the country is as “divisive” and “toxic” as the Trump Brand. He said the only action McDonald’s can take to counter the risk of being associated with Trump is to get its “considerable communications machine” to “discourage” the media from linking its brand to “any future stories of this nature.”

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