Ex White House Doctor Says Biden Not Capable of Another Term

(VitalNews.org) – A former White House physician expressed a general concern about President Joe Biden last week that many in the country are also thinking about: is Biden mentally and physically fit to serve another term? Republican Rep. Ronny Jackson of Texas believes the answer is “no.”

Jackson, who served under former Presidents Barrack Obama and Donald Trump as White House physician, expressed his concerns on “Fox & Friends” last Monday, stating that he’s “been saying for quite some time,” as far back as when Biden as running for office,” that he “didn’t think” Biden “had the cognitive ability” for the job.

According to Jackson, the people surrounding Biden “are inappropriately encouraging” the president to continue running for a second term in order to build up “who they are and what they do.” He also noted that the president has noticeably “degenerated” over the last couple of years since taking office, and all of the problems worsening during Biden’s first term, from the border and economy to overseas conflicts.

Jackson called the Biden presidency a “disaster” and said the president is incapable “of doing this job anymore.” He said Biden’s “lack of physical ability” and “cognitive decline” is “a package that just doesn’t sell” internationally and that the president’s condition is “becoming a national security issue.”

Trump brought his campaign to the US-Mexico border last week for a rally in Edinburg, Texas, for the annual Lone Star State pre-Thanksgiving tradition of serving border personnel fresh tamales.

Jackson also spoke at that rally, following remarks by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who announced his official endorsement of Trump. Abbott said that “now more than ever,” the country “needs a president who will secure the border and prioritize national security.” Abbot called Trump “the clear choice” for the job.

Trump faces multiple indictments during his campaign yet remains the GOP primary frontrunner, polling way ahead of all of his Republican competitors for the nomination. While the former president weighs in at over 60% approval, none of the other candidates have broken 20%.

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