Ex-NSA Advisor Thinks Biden Incentivized Hamas

(VitalNews.org) – In the wake of Hamas’ brutal attacks on Israeli troops and civilians alike, President Trump’s former national security advisor has blamed President Biden’s handling of recent hostage situations for the militant group’s recent spate of kidnappings. Robert C. O’Brien disparaged Pres. Biden’s method of securing the release of five American prisoners held by Iranian authorities, which he referred to as a ransom payment of $6 billion.

This $6 billion payment came in the form of the easing of sanctions levied against the anti-West regime. While the White House promised that the newly freed money could only be used for humanitarian purposes, critics say that the move effectively freed up large amounts of money that Iran would otherwise have needed to use for those purposes. This meant that the Iranian government ended up with funds that could well have been used to sponsor terrorist activities perpetrated by the likes of Hezbollah and Hamas.

While Iranian officials have not admitted to funding or assisting in the multiple massacres and kidnaps carried out in recent days by the Palestinian militant group Hamas, they have publicly declared their approval of the attacks. Despite their hesitance to take credit for the attacks, senior Hamas officials have said that their plans were crafted with the close assistance of the Iranian regime.

It is O’Brien’s view that by essentially appeasing Iran with $6 billion, the Biden administration emboldened Iran as well as provided them with valuable resource with which to fund terrorist groups such as Hamas. O’Brien previously served under President Trump as the special presidential envoy for hostage affairs and has much experience in working to free hostages. He called upon Pres. Biden to send specially trained hostage recovery teams to the Middle East to try to bring home the American citizens reportedly kidnapped by Hamas fighters.

The White House has rebuffed criticism that they are not acting quickly enough in the hostages’ interests, with Secretary of State Anthony Blinken saying that they had not yet verified that American hostages have indeed been taken.

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