Even the Dems aren’t Proud of Bidenomics Now

(VitalNews.org) – Pres. Biden’s so-called “Bidenomics” has proven to be unpopular with the American public and is losing support from his own Democratic colleagues, it has been suggested. Washington Post journalist, Leigh Ann-Caldwell told NBC news that Democrats are now keen to distance themselves from the “Bidenomics” branding, believing that it has a negative image as it simply is “not working”.

With President Biden’s approval rating at just 40%, some Democrats argue that it is a bad idea to so strongly attach the President’s name to the economy, particularly when multiple polls show that the percentage of the public that approves of his economic policies is approximately 20 points lower than the percentage that disapproves of them. Overall, Americans have little confidence in the direction that the country is moving in under Biden and his team, with just a quarter of those polled saying they believe the country is heading in the right direction, compared to nearly two-thirds who say the opposite.

With such high levels of public concern over the efficacy of “Bidenomics” and the Biden leadership more generally, more Democrats are criticizing the messaging, keen to move away from what they see as a tainted brand. Former spokesman for the Jill Biden, Michael LaRosa, said he could not understand why anyone would “brand an economy” in their name when it was not in a good state.

During COVID-19 lockdowns, many Americans ended up saving money that they otherwise would have gone out and spent. Once lockdowns eased and more people increased their spending, and Pres. Biden simultaneously ramped up his industrial and infrastructure policies, inflation began to soar. Since he became President, wages have grown by 14% while consumer prices have risen 17%. Gas prices have increased noticeably and have recently begun to climb once more, almost bringing them to a year-long high at $3.82 for regular unleaded gas.

Recent polling shows that the swing states that were so vital to Biden’s 2020 presidential victory are starting to swing back to Trump and the Republicans. Data for household income in 2022 shows that income loss has been concentrated across the industrial Midwest and the Northeast, areas that include the swing states of Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Despite some Democrats edging away from the “Bidenomics” messaging, one Biden campaign advisor told reporters that their team would be emphasizing “a vision of Bidenomics” against what they dubbed the Republican party’s “MAGAnomics agenda”.

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