EPA Sued By Multiple Coalitions Over Vehicle Emissions Standards

(VitalNews.org) – A front of three powerful coalitions, representing thirty petitioners, are set to sue the Environmental Protection Agency over the new vehicle emissions standards that they’ve released. The challenge is looking to overturn the new vehicle emissions standards.

The three coalitions are representing consumers, biofuel producers, and agricultural interests. They will file petitions in Washington D.C. to try to halt the implementation of these new regulations on vehicles.

The EPA has set its goals with its main target being that over fifty percent of new vehicle sales would be electric by 2032 and this would require a substantial increase in EV sales during that time. Both the EPA and the White House have claimed that this doesn’t mean internal combustion vehicles would be banned, but plaintiffs disagree.

Michael Buschbacher of the Boyden Gray law firm is representing some of the petitioners, and he’s said that Congress never approved for the EPA to “reverse-engineer an electric vehicle mandate.”

“Forced electrification of the vehicle fleet is one of the least cost-effective decarbonization strategies out there,” he said. He continued, “By contrast, renewable fuels are a feasible and affordable means of reducing greenhouse-gas emissions and improving vehicle efficiency.”

American Petroleum Institute vice president Ryan Meyers released a statement saying that they would protect U.S. consumers and manufacturing workers as well as domestic energy security.

Says Meyers, “The EPA has exceeded its congressional authority with this regulation that will eliminate most new gas cars and traditional hybrids from the U.S. market in less than a decade. We look forward to making our case in court.”

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