Elon Musk’s Mom Takes to Social Media To Cancel Cage Fight

(VitalNews.org) – Maye Musk, the 75-year-old mother of Elon Musk, has taken to social media in an attempt to discourage her billionaire son from fighting Mark Zuckerberg in what has been billed as a cage fight for charity in case he gets hurt. Elon Musk challenged Zuckerberg to a fight earlier this month after Zuckerberg announced that he was setting up a rival to Twitter as part of his social media empire – to which Zuckerberg replied, “send me the location.”

At the time of writing, it looks as though the fight may actually happen – both Musk and Zuckerberg have reached a level of proficiency in their chosen martial arts, with Zuckerberg specializing in Brazilian ju-jitsu and Musk having qualifications in karate, taekwondo, and judo.

Musk is four inches taller than Zuckerberg and twenty pounds heavier, but he is also a great deal older at 51 years old, compared to the relatively youthful Zuckerberg who is 39. Musk has proposed the Vegas Octagon as the location for the fight – the Octagon is the main venue for national competitions of this nature, with a purpose-built cage for MMA fighters. However, critics have complained that Dana White, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) chief has said in the past that he would rule out “gimmick fights”.

Dana White insisted that it was not a “gimmick fight” saying that both men appeared to be “deadly serious” and that there would be a huge international audience for the proposed bout.

In the meantime, Maye Musk has announced on Twitter that she has “canceled” the fight, although it is unclear how much influence she may have in her attempts to stop Elon from being injured in the competition. She has proposed that the fight be replaced by a battle of wits where each of the social media titans attempts to answer three questions, reminiscent of the scene in the 1970’s comedy “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” where King Arthur has to answer three questions put to him by a mad bridge-keeper.

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