Elon Musk Sues OpenAI For Breaching Contract?!

(VitalNews.org) – OpenAI and its CEO Sam Altman are facing a lawsuit brought on by Elon Musk stating that they breached a contract that they agreed upon back in 2015.

Musk filed the lawsuit with a San Francisco Court which stated that Elon Musk had signed an agreement in 2015 along with Altman and Greg Brockman, OpenAI co-founder, that they would make a nonprofit lab for the development of AI intended “for the benefit of humanity.”

A change in ownership at OpenAI, however, and the fact that they are now under Microsoft, led Elon Musk to say they are no longer upholding their end of the bargain.

The lawsuit stated, “Under its new Board, it is not just developing but is actually refining an AGI to maximize profits for Microsoft, rather than for the benefit of humanity.” They stated that they are focusing now on profits and no longer on creating artificial intelligence and making these technological advancements “for the benefit of humanity,” which is what was stipulated in the agreement.

The lawsuit continued, stating, “To this day, OpenAI, Inc.‘s website continues to profess that its charter is to ensure that AGI benefits all of humanity. In reality, however, they have been transformed into a closed-source de facto subsidiary of the largest technology company in the world which is Microsoft.”

Musk’s legal team stated that the lawsuit is to try to push OpenAI’s founders to continue back on the path they’d agreed on. His legal team said that the lawsuit was “to compel OpenAI to adhere to the Founding Agreement and return to its mission to develop AGI for the benefit of humanity, not to personally benefit the individual Defendants and the largest technology company in the world.”

The $13 billion investment from Microsoft into OpenAi has been scrutinized by a handful of people since it was announced.

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