Drone Attack Hits US Troops In Syria

(VitalNews.org) – A drone attack was reported on Sunday evening in Syria, which had struck a military base that had United States troops housed in it.

The attack hit the training camp al-Omar using a drone and was located in Syria near Deir el-Zour. The attack hit a spot where US troops were being trained, however, it was said that no US troops were injured or killed during the attack.

These are the first attacks to hit Syria or Iraq after the United States launched an attack on Iran-backed militias over the weekend. After investigating the attack, it’s believed that it came from Iran-backed militia, however, there is no confirmation of this just yet. The Islamic Resistance has claimed responsibility for the attack; a video was released that showed the Iran-backed Iraqi militia sending off the drone attack.

According to the United States, they’ve been sending out “self-defense” attacks against the Houthi military over the weekend. They continued the attack on the Houthi military by targeting four different ships as well. The United States and Britain also initiated a group of strikes to hit 36 Houthi targets.

Mohammed al-Buhkaiti, who is a Houthi spokesperson, said: “The US-British coalition’s bombing of a number of Yemeni provinces will not change our position, and we affirm that our military operations against Israel will continue until the crimes of genocide in Gaza are stopped and the siege on its residents is lifted, no matter the sacrifices it costs us.”

They have stated that their goal is to move US troops out of the Middle East, and they have stuck behind their word saying that they will not let up until this is done. They stated that the attacks have been “ineffective” and that a “regional war” would need to break out in order to “end U.S. presence in the region.”

The group has sent dozens of attacks to US troops in Syria and Iraq trying to get the troops to move out of that region.

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